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Super Doctors Program

‘Super Doctors’ is a program that identifies top physicians around the country. Doctors are nominated by their peers and recognized with an award of professional achievement.  The independent research company, MSP communications, partners up with medical peers in the selection process. There are more than 40 medical specialties eligible for this award and awards are coordinated by state and city. The names or each Super Doctor and are recognized by online publication as well being honored in leading newspapers and in city and regional magazines. The Super Doctors list is highly selective and represents only about 5% of physicians within their particular specialty, region or state.

new york super doctor 2015

Super Doctors Nomination Process

The Super Doctors program is a selection process within an extensive network of doctors. The steps that are involved in determining who receives this prestigious award are as follows: First, MSP communications reaches out to various physicians around the country requesting them to nominate a colleague who is outstanding in their specific field of practice. Second in the process is the candidate search. The Super Doctors research team compiles a candidate review where they evaluate physicians through various outlets that include but are not limited to online databases, publications on doctors, and other recognized professional achievements or awards. The third step is research. In this section, MSP communications evaluates their selected candidates on different key indexes to rate them on quality. These indexes are board certifications, academic achievements, fellowships, leadership positions, professional activities, years of experience, hospital appointments and their publications. Before the final selection, there is a blue ribbon panel review. In this step, all nominees are categorized into their areas of expertise and the physicians with the highest scores from nomination and evaluation steps are brought to the panel. Based on the total number of points and scores from the panelist decision, the final selection is made. These steps are how candidates are selected into the Super Doctors list.

2015 Super Doctor Award

Dr. Bennett has been awarded a place on the New York Super Doctors 2015 list. Dr. Bennett has received the New York Super Doctors award two years in a row. The combination of patient satisfaction, multiple nominations from colleagues, achievements and awards, and high level of training and experience have allowed Dr. Bennett to receive this award once again.  He will be featured on the Super Doctors list in 2015 and will be published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine.