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 Aetna Incorporated, located in Hartford, Connecticut, is one of the biggest health care companies in the United States. Previously known as the Aetna Fire Insurance Company, Aetna has expanded and now offers a wide array of insurance packages.  Types of coverage include medical, dental, long-term care and disability, and behavioral health plans. Aetna is tremendously profitable and boasts membership as one of the only for-profit insurance companies with membership in the Fortune 100.

Over 37 million Americans are covered under Aetna. Plans are tailored to every type of person: part-time workers, union members, individuals and families, college and grad students and government workers. Insurance plans with low deductibles and better benefits will have higher monthly premiums. Plans that are not profitable are usually discontinued.

Due to Aetna’s large size, it is often difficult to get fast and concise answers to your policy questions. Coverage is also subject to change, specifically when it comes to limitations and exclusions to procedures like sinus surgery, septoplasty and other nasal surgery. Many policy-holders are not even aware of the changes until their claim is denied, leaving a large and unmanageable bill. For example, if you were previously told by your Aetna representative that surgery to correct a deviated septum was covered under your plan, and your policy later changes in the weeks or months leading up to your procedure, you could be denied coverage even if you never alerted to the revision. It is also wise to call to check your benefits twice to make sure the information you are provided is consistent. You should keep a record of the times and the names of the representatives you speak with.o

For a basic overview of the typical language you might come across in your Aetna policy, check out our Aetna FAQ page.

To prevent the frustrations and headaches with navigating potential policy changes, allow Dr. Bennett’s office to offer our personalized touch. Dr. Bennett himself provides all of your sinus  and nasal medical care, so you will never be treated by a nurse or physician’s assistant. The staff also works to make the treatment process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Dr. Bennett endeavors to not only provide you with the medical care you need, but also the unwavering support in making informed decisions about your health care. The decision to seek medical care and your policy’s ability to reimburse you, go hand in hand. Dr. Bennett will ensure that you get the maximum benefits possible by walking you through each step. If you are a patient of Dr. Bennett’s office, our staff will check your benefits for you and let you know what they are  so there are no “surprise bills”.

Dr. Bennett is a top sinus surgery and rhinoplasty expert in New York City. His practice specializes exclusively in the nose including the deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, nasal valve collapse, and revision rhinoplasty. If you think we can be of service to you, please feel free to call us or Schedule an Appointment.