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Sinus Infection | Summer Sinus Health Local Allergic Rhinitis

Localized Allergic Rhinitis is defined by the occurrence, in patients with symptoms clearly suggesting allergic rhinitis but with negative results to common allergy testing, of allergen specific antibodies in the nasal mucosa. Which begs the question:   Can you have allergies with negative allergy testing? Have you ever sniffed a flower and had your nose […]

Posted on June 10 2018
Sinus Infection | Sinus Pain Difference between a Cold and Sinus Infection

How to tell the difference between a cold and sinus infection Sinus infections cause 73 million days of restricted activity in the United States each year, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, this finding is questionable because people with colds often believe they have sinus infections. With similar […]

Posted on May 30 2017
Sinus Infection | Sinus Pain | Sinus Surgery Dry Sinuses: Symptoms and Treatments

Sinusitis is one of the most common medical problems, affecting over 29 million people in the United States alone. One type of sinus irritation that can lead to sinusitis is a dry sinus. If you are currently dealing with sinus problems, there are steps you can take to get better. Read on to find out […]

Posted on May 15 2017
Sinus Infection | Health Tips How to Drain Sinuses

A sinus infection, known medically as sinusitis, is inflammation of the nasal cavity. Increased narrowing of the nasal passages can cause sinus obstruction and mucous build-up. This is most commonly caused by a virus, allergies or a deviated septum, but can also result from bacterial and fungal infections. Learn how to drain sinuses when you […]

Posted on March 30 2017
Sinus Pain | Health Tips | Sinus Infection Reduce Sinus Inflammation

3 Ways to Reduce Sinus Inflammation Anyone with allergies knows how bad it can get. Springtime can trigger a concert of sneezing, nose blowing and congestion that lasts until summer or beyond. One of the most common characteristics of allergies is sinus inflammation and blockage, which can be downright painful and debilitating. The sinuses can […]

Posted on August 31 2015
Sinus Infection | Sinus Pain | Sinus Surgery Top 4 Benefits of Sinus Surgery

More than 30 million Americans suffer from sinus issues. Undergoing surgery to correct these problems can be daunting, but if your doctor recommends this treatment it’s important to focus on the positives. Here are a few of the top benefits of sinus surgery. To learn about some of the less understood areas of sinus surgery read about […]

Posted on June 11 2015
Sinus Infection | Sinus Pain | Sinus Surgery 4 Signs Your Cold is Really a Sinus Infection

Do you have watery eyes? Have you been sneezing? Is your nose stuffy? Do you have post-nasal drip? Your symptoms may will clear up with a little rest and some vitamin C, but how do you know? What you think is the common cold could be something more serious — a sinus infection. Here are some […]

Posted on May 11 2015
Sinus Infection | Sinus Pain | Health Tips Why Do I Keep Getting Sinus Infections?

What are sinus infections? Sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, are caused by inflammation in the sinus cavities. Inflammation in the nasal and sinus cavities occurs for many different reasons. Allergies, a deviated nasal septum, multiplying of a virus or bacteria are just a few of the causes. Sinus infections affect 30 million Americans every […]

Posted on January 21 2015
Sinus Pain | Sinus Infection Viral vs Bacterial Sinus Infections

Sinusitis Sinusitis is the infection of the sinus that is caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. Sinusitis typically occurs when excess mucus develops or there is a blockage to the sinuses. The causes of excess mucus or blockage to the sinuses can be from an active cold, allergies, a deviated septum, or the […]

Posted on August 7 2014
Sinus Infection | Sinus Pain | Sinus Surgery Treatment of Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps: Top 5 Signs to Seek Treatment Treatment of nasal polyps is not always necessary. Those who develop a small nasal polyps and do not notice any adverse symptoms generally need only monitoring of the polyps. However, for others, nasal polyps can cause symptoms that decrease quality of life in a dramatic way. Some […]

Posted on January 27 2014