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A Valuable Resource for Patients and Their Families

Head and neck cancer is a daunting and scary diagnosis to have. In this book by renowned authorities on head and neck cancer with decades of experience, attempt to answer all the common questions you have about your diagnosis and how to beat it with dignity.

Cancer of the head and neck is unique from other cancers. The head and neck region is a complex landscape responsible for assisting in many basic human functions. Treatment of head and neck lesions, whether surgically or medically, may compromise an individual’s ability to speak, swallow, or breath, as well as potentially impacting their physical appearance. Due to the complexity of the anatomical region, and the variability in the different sites in which cancer occurs, it is important to understand the exact type of cancer and the site of localization. Before embarking on a treatment plan, the patient should be well versed in the impact it will have on function and quality of life. Often times, treatment requires the involvement of physical therapists, speech pathologists, dentists, and voice specialists to maximize patient outcomes and enhance your quality of life.

This guide is to help you on your, or your family member’s, path to understanding, managing, and paving a way through head and neck cancer. This will is a valuable resource for patients and their families.


What are people saying about the guide?

“I love it! The way it describes to a patient undergoing radiation treatment about the importance of water and comparing it to lighting fire to wet wood vs dry wood. So helpful for patients and so well written in terms they can understand. The way y’all describe how they determine what stage each cancer is done and the explanation of what survival rates/statistics mean is brilliant.”

Morgan C.

Excellent book!!! This book covers it all. From understanding your specialists acceditations to FAQ’s. An in-depth step by step guide on what to expect as far as treatment for each specific head/neck cancer. The FAQ gives detailed insite to after care and what to expect on the road to recovery. An invaluable guide for patients and caregivers offering support.

LizbethD – Amazon Review


“Amazing book!!! The best part is how you explain what to expect.”
Paula Oviedo

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