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What symptoms does the Sinugator treat?

NeilMed’s Sinugator is used primarily to treat post nasal drip and nasal dryness stemming from sinus infections, as well as sinus irritation from indoor and outdoor pollutants like dust, smog, pet dander, pollen and smoke.

What is “new” about the Sinugator?

The Sinugator is a new type of irrigation device. It is a cordless, pulsating nasal wash that rinses the inside of the nose. It is also safe to use, since it is BPA-free and manufactured without the use of latex or iodine.


The Sinugator flushes saline solution into the nostrils to irrigate the sinus cavities, similar to the diagram above.

Unlike other devices, the Sinugator allows you to adjust the angles of the nozzle while it rinses your sinuses, creating a much more efficient rinsing system. It also allows you to control the flow of saline solution and the amount of rinsing pressure, making it quick, easy and effective.

How does the Sinugator fight against sinus infections?

The Sinugator works similar to a neti pot, washing congestion from the nasal cavities and flushing out the sinuses. However, the Sinugator is battery-operated and uses more force than a typical neti pot, meaning that your sinuses are flushed more thoroughly.  Once the congestion is cleared from your sinuses, you will feel less “stuffed up” and more at ease. It also not only fights against sinus infections, but also clears away allergens and harmful viruses that can lead to a reaction or infection.


The Sinugator works similar to a neti pot, except it pulsating ability allows it to flush the sinuses more thoroughly.

Using the Sinugator also protects against dust and another pollutants. We are all exposed to tiny particles every day that get into our noses. The nose has a clearance system to remove the particles. The Sinugator pulsating nasal wash is a great way to assist in removing those harmful irritants.

What symptoms can the Sinugator help relieve?

•             Stuffy nose

•             Nasal congestion

•             Sinus pressure

•             Itchy eyes and throat

•             Sinus headache

I already use a nasal spray. Why should I use a nasal irrigation product?

flonase_nasonex_nasal_corticosteroidsNasal corticosteroids, commonly known as steroid nasal sprays, will reduce the inflammation in your nasal mucus membranes. Products like Nasonex and Flonase have been proven to be an effective way to ease nasal inflammation, but Dr. Bennett recommends using a sinus irrigation system as well. He recommends using the Sinugator to cleanse the sinuses before using a nasal spray, which will help get the most out of the medication.

Is the Sinugator safe to use if I have recently undergone sinus surgery?

Yes. If you recently had sinus surgery, you will likely notice an increase in debris and dried mucus inside your nose. In fact, Dr. Bennett tells patients that the first week after surgery feels like “the biggest head cold of your life.” The Sinugator helps reduce these symptoms by gently flushing out the sinuses and preventing infection. Dr. Bennett recommends using nasal irrigation starting two days after sinus surgery.

What is included with the Sinugator?

NeilMed’s Sinugator comes with one irrigation pump along with 3 AA batteries, an instructional manual and 30 sinus rinse packets. Additional packets may be purchased separately.

How do I use the Sinugator?

Using the Sinugator is fast and simple. It only takes roughly a minute or two to use, and is made up of two pieces: the plastic basin that holds the saline solution and the battery-operated pump with attached nozzle.

There is a switch located on the pump that when turned on, allows the saline solution to flow from the basin to the nozzle, and into one nostril and out the other. Let the solution flow into your nasal passages until the basin is halfway empty, and then switch nostrils.

For a more detailed set of instructions, consult the Step-by-Step Instructions for Use below.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Use

1)      Thoroughly wash your hands.

2)      Fill the blue basin with approx. 1 cup of warm, distilled water.

Tip: You can buy water that has previously been distilled, or boil water at home for the same effect.

3)      Add 1 full packet of saline mix (30 packets are included with the Sinugator).

4)      Place the white pump with attached nozzle on top of the basin and lock it into place with a twist.

Tip: Make sure the batteries have been installed in the pump.

5)      Position yourself over a sink/bathtub/bowl and gently place the tip of the nozzle inside the left nostril.

6)      Press the blue Power button. This will allow the saline solution to flow into the left nostril and out of the right nostril.

Tip: If some of the saline mixture accidentally drips into your mouth, simply spit it out.

7)      After roughly half of the solution in the basin has flowed into the left nostril, switch and place nozzle into your right nostril.

8)      Repeat steps 5-7 using the right nostril

9)      Switch the power button to the “off” position.

10)   Gently blow your nose with a Kleenex if needed to clear any residual debris.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Be sure to always wash the device with warm soapy water and let it air dry.

Tip: To disinfect the product, microwave the irrigation tip, white tube and basin for 60 seconds. Do NOT place the white motor in the microwave

When is it not safe to use the Sinugator?

The Sinugator should NOT be used in the following instances:

  • DO NOT USE if your nasal cavities are completely blocked; call your primary care physician immediately;
  • DO NOT USE if you have been diagnosed with an ear infection or if your ears feel “plugged-up,” call your primary care physician immediately;
  • DO NOT USE on children under four years of age;
  • DO NOT USE on people who are too unstable to lean over a sink.

Have consumers reported any downsides in using the Sinugator?

The Sinugator is more expensive than a neti pot or the traditional NeilMed squeezable irrigation bottle. It costs between $20.00-$25.00 at your local home goods store or pharmacy. However, despite its price, Sinugator is still less expensive than its closest competitor, the WaterPik by SinuSense.  

Some users also point out that the pulsating nasal wash pump is a tad noisy. Other have encountered trouble keeping the saline basin secure. If you experience this or any problems with your device, NeilMed offers a replacement device via its 5 year unconditional warranty.

If you are wholly unsatisfied with the Sinugator in general, you are free to return it via the NeilMed 120-day money back guarantee featured on all of its products, If you find that your Sinugator breaks, NeilMed will replace the product under its 5 year unconditional manufacturer’s warranty.

To contact NeilMed Contact Customer Service, visit the NeilMed website, or reach them by their toll-free phone number: 1-(877) 477-8633.

Reminder:  Always consult your doctor if you have concerns about using the Sinugator.



Dr. Bennett’s Overall Product Summary: NeilMed’s Sinugator Cordless Pulsating Nasal wash is quick, easy to use, and more effective than traditional sinus rinsing techniques. Although a little pricey, its 5 year unconditional warranty and efficient design make it worth the purchase. Dr. Bennett has no commercial interest in NeilMed.

Grade: B+