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Natural Oils that can help Dark Circles

Do you experience Dark Circles around your eyes? Are you looking for some home remedies to help eliminate Dark Circles? Let’s discuss some all natural essential oils that have been proven to be effective in reducing Dark Circles. The reason why we have chosen to discuss oils as a home remedy is because they contain all natural ingredients that are good for your skin and for controlling Dark Circles. Puffy eyes and dark circles can also come from complications of a broken nose or nasal fracture. Now lets break down what oils can work and why each is good as a remedy:

              1) Almond Oil – Contains three essential ingredients that can help Dark Circles. Vitamin K, Palmatic Acid, and Retinol. Vitamin K improves blood clotting which therefore decreases the presence of Dark circles and skin discoloration around the eyes. Palmatic Acid acts as a moisturizer. Retinol in Almond Oil will lighten and regenerate your skin while making it softer and smoother.

almond oils for dark circles
             2) Eucalyptus Oil – Contains properties that can help reduce the swelling and puffiness around your eyes. Use with caution and at low levels because eucalyptus oil can irritate the eyes.

             3) Witch Hazel – Like Eucalyptus Oil it helps reduce puffiness around the eyes because it contains Chrysin that is an all-natural inflammatory agent. Witch Hazel is effective for tightening swollen blood vessels under the eyes. It specifically works to shrink your capillary vessels that directly cause dark eyes. This is a great remedy because it helps to decrease the blood flow under your eyes.

             4) Rose and Sandalwood Oil – These specific oils help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. When mixed with steaming water they well help your skin hydrate, therefore reducing the effect of dark circles.

            5) Chamomile – This oil has multiple ways in helping your dark circles. By ingesting the herb it promotes deep and better sleep as well as  working as a stress reliever. Stress is a well-known cause of dark circles. Another way is as a direct application under the eyes because it contains anti-inflammatory agents that help decrease the puffiness.

before after oils for dark circles

How to use these Oils?

There are various ways in which all of these oils can be used and applied. Now let’s discuss on how to use each oil:

              1) Almond Oil – You can purchase this oil directly from your local pharmacy. Apply and massage this oil directly to the dark circles before you go to bed so it can work while you sleep. Wash your face off in the morning and in time the circles may improve or disappear. For the best results, use on an ongoing nightly basis for your dark circles. You can also blend it with honey to soothe the skin.

applying oils for dark circles
             2) Eucalyptus Oil – Like almond oil, this is directly applied to the area under the eye. As previously discussed use extreme caution when applying because it can be toxic if too much is applied. We recommend leaving the oil on for fifteen to twenty minutes and washing your face off afterwards.

             3) Witch Hazel – This is one of the most proven effective methods in removing dark circles. You can purchase witch hazel at your local pharmacy and in some vitamin stores. Apply Witch Hazel directly onto cotton squares and allow them to sit on your eyelids and upper cheeks for ten to fifteen minutes. Witch Hazel does not have a pleasant smell but keep in mind this is a great home remedy.

             4) Rose and Sandalwood Oil – This is best used with steaming water. Dilute the oil in the water and let the steam hit your eyelids for five to ten minutes. You can place a towel over your head to contain the steam around your face and eyes. This is a therapeutic method that can rejuvenate your skin and help reduce the effect of dark circles.

inhaling oils for dark circles
            5) Chamomile – As previously discussed, chamomile can be used in multiple ways. One way is to drink a Chamomile tea bag because it promotes a deeper sleep. Another way is after you make your tea, to let the tea bag cool down and apply to your eyes for about twenty to thirty minutes. Lastly, like almond oil, you can apply the oil before bed and wash your face in the morning with cold water.

Side Effects and Other Remedies

Keep in mind that these are some home remedies that may or may not work. All of these oils can have possible side effects on you and your skin so please use with caution. If you start experiencing any side effects or symptoms such as an allergic reaction, irritation or rash, and/or vision loss seek medical attention immediately.You may experience additional symptoms having dark eye circles in connection with acute or chronic sinus infections. If your are having recurrent acute or chronic  sinus infections that are interfering with your quality of life, you should consider consulting a doctor. We hope these remedies will assist you in your search to treat your dark circles.