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ghi-insuranceGroup Health Incorporated (or, GHI) was established in 1937 as a non-profit health cooperative. Similar to the Empire Plan, GHI offers health insurance coverage to those who teach our children, protect our country, and provide invaluable community services. GHI boasts over 2 million members, and was once the largest not-for-profit insurance company in New York.

GHI later became an EmblemHealth company, after a 2006 merger with HIP Health Plan of New York to create one large not-for-profit insurance provider. EmblemHealth manages the day-to-day operations of GHI and recently rolled out relatively low co-payments for medication and office visits for members.


If you are covered under GHI or EmblemHealth, our office will review your policy and consult you on how to get the benefits that you deserve. As an out-of-network provider, we understand the financial hardships that many patients face, which is why we strive to make every procedure affordable, from deviated septum surgery to functional rhinoplasty.

Community leaders and those who teach our future generation should not be forced to go into debt to receive the care they deserve. Healthcare can seem like an endless maze of paperwork and fine print, but at our office, you can leave the work to our highly-skilled insurance staff. We will compile a summary of your benefits, and review and describe them to you in detail. Unfortunately, we are unable to work with HMOs, but ask us about our excellent prior patient experiences with the other GHI insurances.