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Guardian Life Insurance

Guardian Insurance

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (GLICOA) was founded in 1860 in New York City. One of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the U.S., it is ranked as a Fortune 300 company. The company employs over 5,000 heatlh care specialists with 3,000 representatives and 80 branches across the country. Guardian offers not only health care plans, but a variety of dental, vision and life insurance packages.

Policyholders own the company, which has a reputation of keeping a close eye on its services and investments. Guardian is a versatile insurance company. Employers can tailor benefits packages to their employees’ needs, selecting from a HMO, POS or PPO plan, with the optional inclusion of indemnity coverage.

GLICOA is most-often recognized for their dental program, which is the 6th largest in the country with over 6.4 million participants as of 2015. Guardian is also becoming well-known for a diverse assortment of insurance and annuities packages. Guardian subscribers can choose to enroll in life insurance, disability, group and individual medical and vision packages, income insurance and retirement programs. To manage these many options, GLICOA is split into two separate, smaller entities: Guardian Healthcare, which oversees the management of medical insurance and similar services, and Guardian Investor Services, where securities and annuities are the main focus. As of 2015, the newly formed Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America Subsidiary manages all disability products for Guardian.

GLICOA has recently integrated new policies to assist its customers, such as the inclusion of erratic and unforeseeable events that were once a threat to coverage – like hospitalizations and pre-existing/chronic conditions, for example. Its merger with Destiny Health Plan also allowed GLICOA to help reduce customer costs and reap the maximum benefits from coverage via a “consumer-controlled saving account.”

In early 2015, Guardian rolled out a new department entitled the “VOC (‘Voice of the Customer’) Program.” It is described as the crux of ensuring that the customer’s experience is streamlined and worry-free. The overall philosophy of the new program focuses on building a relationship with consumer, beyond that of simply providing insurance requests and offering self-service. While most large insurance companies use annual surveys to learn more about its customers, Guardian’s new VOC program seeks to collect daily feedback and offer a variety of ways for subscribers to give their opinion on how to better their experience. Their goal is to improve relationships with3 customers, leading to a better understanding of how to meet their current needs while anticipating future needs.

GLICOA works with over 120,000 U.S. employers to provide benefits to nearly six million hard-working Americans and their families. We understand that managing your own care and ensuring that it’s affordable can be challenging, no matter which insurance company you subscribe to, and we strive to take excellent care of all policyholders.

Put the ball in our court

Put the ball in our court

Allow our highly-specialized insurance team to navigate the ins and outs of your health care policy. We will ask the right questions, speak directly to your insurance company and get the most comprehensive answers. Most importantly, we will ensure that you receive the maximum coverage with the smallest amount of out-of-pocket expense to you. Don’t forget that not only will we assist you with your insurance policy needs, but we will also coordinate your appointments, call to remind you of upcoming visits, and answer any and all questions about your care from your initial consultation to your final follow-up appointment.

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