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On July 15th, 2015 OpenCare recognized Dr. Garrett Bennett as a top medical practice in New York. From the offices outstanding reputation and patient satisfaction they were awarded the recognition of OpenCare 2015 Patients’ Choice Award. In a letter from OpenCare’s Medical Research Team Dr. Bennett and is staff were acknowledged. Through Dr. Bennett’s online patient reviews, medical credentialing and several substantial criteria opencare was able to label Dr. Garrett Bennett’s profile as a Patients’ Choice.

Dr Garrett Bennett OpenCare Patients' Choice Award Cert

Dear Garrett Bennett MD and staff,


Congratulations on being one of the top medical practices in New York! We want to personally thank you for your commitment to quality service and patient care. We reviewed hundreds of practices in New York in great detail to crown the top ones and we are excited to be able to showcase them to prospective patients.


You will be given an award and certificate that you can proudly place in your office as recognition of your dedication to quality care.


Sincerely Yours,

Nikolai Bratkovski, CEO