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Impact of Selfies

Since the introduction of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, Selfies have become increasingly more popular.  A selfie is a self-portrait that is generally taken with a camera phone and shared via social media. The two age groups most likely take  Selfies are 18-24 and 25-35. As people strive to have the most “liked” selfie, it becomes a trend to take the “perfect” picture to generate popularity.

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Impact of Selfies and Rhinoplasty Surgery

Today, there are three main resources where people gather information on Rhinoplasty Surgery. These resources include referrals, online, and social media. Referrals will always remain a strong resource because they typically come from an individual you know who may have had the procedure. If you like their results and they enjoyed their experience then you would be more likely to see the same physician. Referrals are a trusted source of information.  Online resources give you tremendous access to information, patient experiences and photos of rhinoplasty surgery. Many prospects for rhinoplasty surgery use reviews and examples of doctors’ previous work to help determine which doctor they want to proceed with. Going online was today’s ultimate resource in finding out what type of nasal procedure you wanted done until “Social Media” became more prevalent.

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Importance of Social Media and Selfies

Now let’s discuss the impact of social media and nasal surgery. In recent years, social media has had a huge increase in activity and has created an easy to use platform for people to view themselves and others. Selfies are driving society today and creating an awareness for people of how they look in photos that has never before been available. These images are presented to the online world. As people view images of themselves they become more aware of how they would like to look in the photos. This is usually done using different angles and finding the one expression they feel is the most attractive. Some become aware that they may have features that they would like to correct. The most common facial aspect that people would like to change is the shape of nose.

The Importance of Appearance

We all look at ourselves in the mirror every day. We are now more aware of our best angles and what lighting we look good in than ever before. Everyone knows which is their “good-side” for pictures. Before going to college or getting married many people want to make sure that the things they don’t like about their photos are corrected. An optical illusion that the camera creates is that objects closer to the lens will become larger in the photo. Since the nose projects the furthest from our faces, it is important to be aware that the closer the camera the larger the nose will appear. A nose also needs to be large enough to breathe well which limits how small the nose could be.


Continued Increase in Selfiesselfies and rhinoplasty surgery

Doctors are continuing to see a significant increase in patients who would like to change the shape of their nose, especially with people under the age of 35. It makes sense that those who are most plugged-in to social media would be most aware of national trends and most affected by them. As images of ourselves become more available on social media, the trends of rhinoplasty on both  men and women will very likely continue to grow. The “Selfie” looks like it has become and will continue to be an important part of our culture for the foreseeable future.