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This video contains a surgical patient experience of Dr. Garrett Bennett, a New York City based sinus surgeon. This patient was suffering from sinus infections and pressure caused by sinusitis. After undergoing sinus surgery, known as septoplasty, the patient’s ability to breath and sleep better increased.


Sinus Surgery Patient Experience | Dr Garrett Bennett Patient Review

Video Transcript:

I’m Justin, I’m 30. I’m from Virginia, currently living in downtown New York.

What were your symptoms prior to surgery?

I had a ridiculously bad case of sinusitis during college. My nose would be stuffed, not even for obvious reasons. It wasn’t like there was pollen in the air. Or like it would be in winter that I had sinusitis. I remember my girlfriend even identifying me with a pug because they always have the crushed face and have trouble breathing because I would constantly be like trying to get some air.

Who was your doctor and what surgery did you have?

I saw Dr. Garrett Bennett. He specializes in surgery in the ENT field. I went through turbinate reduction, which is also supposed to help with clear breathing in addition to the septoplasty, which is the curvature in the middle of your nose.

How is life after your surgery?

My nose has been so much more clear. I’m sure it helps me with sports, helps with sleeping. It probably even makes my mood a little bit better because I don’t have to deal with being stuffed. And as you can see, I can breathe clearly out of my nose, which was really exciting.

How long ago was your treatment?

Treatment was about a year ago and they are very good at keeping updates, making sure that you’re recovery is going along.

I would recommend Dr. Bennett for any sinus related issues. He’s very knowledgeable and confident throughout the whole procedure, including making a personal phone call right after surgery to make sure I was fine, which I was very impressed by as well.

It’s a great feeling to – since you’re doing something that could be potentially scary – to feel that you have the 100% support of not only Dr. Garrett Bennett, but his staff as well.

Name: Garrett Bennett, MD
Speciality: Sinus and Nasal Surgeon
Address: 115 East 61st Street, Suite 7C, New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212-980-2600