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More than 30 million Americans suffer from sinus issues. Undergoing surgery to correct these problems can be daunting, but if your doctor recommends this treatment it’s important to focus on the positives. Here are a few of the top benefits of sinus surgery. To learn about some of the less understood areas of sinus surgery read about the top 5 myths of sinus surgery.

breathing-benefit of sinus surgeryFewer Sinus Infections and Headaches

Sinus surgery widens the sinuses’ natural drainage pathway, which reduces the risk of the blockages that can cause acute and chronic sinus infections as well as sinus headaches. These conditions can be debilitating, with symptoms including head and facial pain, a blocked or runny nose, and bad breath. These symptoms can occur for months, greatly impacting the sufferer’s productivity and their quality of life.


Less Facial Pain and Pressure

Anyone that’s suffered from sinus infections and headaches is familiar with the facial pressure and pain these conditions bring. You might feel it over the bridge of your nose, behind your eyes, at the roof of your mouth, around your teeth, or in a combination of these areas. When that sinus pain comes, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Sinus surgery should reduce the incidence of sinus complaints, and the facial pain they typically bring.

Administer Medications More Effectively

Sinus surgery isn’t a replacement for the medical treatment of sinus complaints. You may still find that you get sinus infections as well as sinus inflammation from time to time, but the sinuses should be much easier to treat after surgery. The widened sinus pathways will allow the medical sprays, rinses, and nebulized drugs to reach the lining of the sinuses to be more effective so you can feel better sooner.

food can improve your breathingImprove Your Quality of Life

The Oregon Health & Science University surveyed sinus surgery patients and discovered that 76 percent of them felt their quality of life improved after the procedure.

“This study demonstrates the real-world benefits of endoscopic sinus surgery for patients with chronic sinusitis,” confirmed the study’s chief investigator, Timothy L. Smith. “We now know that most patients who have this surgery experience an important and significant improvement in quality of life.”

By improving many of the symptoms associated with sinus issues, respondents reported that they were less irritable and more productive in their daily lives.

Why are you suffering when you don’t have to be? Sinus surgery can seem intimidating, but the procedure would be expected to improve your sinus function and could greatly improve your quality of life. Contact New York City Sinus and Nasal Surgeon Dr. Garrett Bennett today to schedule a consultation. Find out if relief for your sinus and breathing concerns is within reach.